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Who ARE the Picky Peaches?!?

Picky Peaches are three friends who enjoy getting together and trying new things. On the surface, it may not even look like we have a lot in common. Susan and Gaye are married with one child each. Julie is single with a daughter and son.  All our kids are grown. 


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Gaye loves to run, eat, travel and try new things. When she’s not doing one of these or spending time with friends, she’s probably tackling a DIY project. This Peach was transplanted from NC 30+ years ago.



I made it to all of 5’2″ by the time I was 12 and haven’t budged an inch since then. I love simplicity, textures, routine, friends, music, and food. I was blessed with 2 beautiful children who are learning how to “adult” with the rest of us and don’t like it one stitch either! The course of my life hasn’t been what I expected but I kept facing forward and am now able to see the beauty in my mess. We tend to see the world through our own lenses and rarely do we see more than our mind will allow us – our brains fixate on what is comfortable and familiar. If you don’t like what you see, change your lens. Happiness is the by-product of Joy! Here’s to finding joy in the journey!





Susan is a home grown, life long, Georgia Peach who loves life as a wife, mom, sister and friend. Travel, food, history, and performing/ visual arts are just a few of her many interests. She’s excited about this year long blog challenge on so many levels. More about that later!

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