The Hidden Gem Restaurant Challenge

For the next 12 months, we’re doing “The Hidden Gem Restaurant Challenge”.  Inspired by an item Julie found on the web called  We’ll be visiting a different restaurant each month and posting reviews.

Here's a taste from our first stop
Here’s a taste from our first stop

That means we’re going to eat our way across Georgia, visiting everything from white tablecloth establishments to greasy spoons. Gluten-free? Lactose intolerant? Vegan? No problem. We’ll tell you what’s available so you don’t have to ask your server a dozen questions. We’re going to include restaurant reviews with details that most reviewers fail to mention. We don’t know about you, but we really want to know what to wear and what to order. We’ll tell you whether the iced tea is any good or whether you should try one of the adult beverages on the menu. We’ll even tell you about the ladies room. You’ll know whether to go before you get there or whether it’s so nice that they should offer tours.  

Along the way, we’ll be making stops at places of interest in each of the 12 towns we visit. Then, we’ll share details so you can plan your visit.  

Interspersed with the restaurant reviews and the places to visit, you’ll find food and beverage recipes featuring peaches as an ingredient. You may be thinking of merely peach pie or peach jam, but we’ll show you how much the peach has in common with women. Both are much more adaptable than we realize. Just like friends, peaches can function in so many unexpected ways. They have the potential to be sweet or incredibly bold or somewhere in between.

Well, a girl can’t just eat all the time so we’re going to tell you some of our favorite places to go. Trust us. There will be details. Local musical theatre, antique shops, museums, gardens, festivals and maybe even some DIY projects. We’ll have Peach Picks featuring some of our favorite people, places and things. We’ll also have Peach Pits to point out things that bug us, like scratchy clothing tags. Seriously, why can’t all clothing labels just be iron-on instead of being sewn on with that skin-torturing fishing line also known as monofilament?

Anyway, be sure to check in with us each week for the latest.

Until we “Peach” again!

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    1. Thanks Lynn! And if you patronize any of the restaurants, remember to mention you heard about it on Picky Peaches!

  1. Well! Isn’t this just precious?! Can’t wait to read about your adventures! Have fun, y’all!

  2. A Special Day… to spend an entire day with a special friend, doing something special together and eating at a special restaurant . Thanks so much for making this so easy for friends to plan their Special Day.

    1. Thank you Diane for your encouraging comment! We hope many women will use this as a resource for a day out with friends!

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